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"I first saw Dick Wagner while he was playing with the Frost in Detroit, and quickly I filed him under “guitar players I’d like to steal.” Later I had the great pleasure of adding him to the “Welcome To My Nightmare" touring band, where along with Steve Hunter they became known as the "Dynamic Duo," a name given to them by Steven Tyler.  He considers them two to be the best tandem American guitar players in Rock N Roll.  But Dick isn't JUST a guitar player... He’s a gifted writer, and I wrote most of the post Alice Cooper Hits with him...." 

Alice Cooper

Just As He IS   star star star star star

“Just as he is. This is no pandering or self-serving, ghost-written "auto-biography" that sanitizes the past to protect the "author" or amplifies the glamour and excesses to sell units. It's witty, artful, literate, sometimes cheeky, often philosophical and profound, gentle and loving, wistful and exuberant but, above all, musical... In its honesty it does encompass sex, drugs and rock'n'roll - but also pain, yearning, sacrifice, adventure, growth and the joy of creating.”

Bob Ezrin

Motor City Blood Brother   star star star star star

“Motor City Blood Brother. My Motor City musical brother Dick Wagner has always been celebrated as a soulful guitar force to be reckoned with. From his days leading the highly respected band The Frost, Ursa Major and brilliant work with Alice Cooper and beyond, Dick has forever projected an earthly musical spirit that is pure American R&R&R&B. He is one of the best guitarists in the world.”

Ted Nugent, Rocker

The legendary Dick Wagner   star star star star star

“The legendary Dick Wagner. Name your all time favorite rock guitar solos and changes are at least one of them will include the legendary Dick Wagner. A great player, songwriter, producer and innovator. My collaborations with Dick will always remain some of my fondest memories. A friendly competitor, a fierce guitarist, unique songwriter, talented producer and, perhaps most important, a good man. Congrats Dick on this new milestone”

David Foster, Producer (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Josh Groban)

    star star star star star

"Dick is one of the great rocker guitar players to come out of Detroit in the 70's. It's wonderful to work with someone where you don't have to work everything out -- so the music still retains its joy. That's magic. He and I got to do some really cool things together, and it was my pleasure and honor to work with him."

Steve Hunter, Musician, Guitar Player (Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel)

    star star star star star

Here's a fine new book... An honest, well-wrtten book that is eye-opening in ints frankness - and for that matter its actual existence - the hard cover version comes packaged with two CD's featuring Wagner's music and is quite a bargain. While there are hundreds of books written about the likes of the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, I think books like these - especially when penned by the performers themselves - will eventually be perceived as real jewels. Highly recommended.

Dave DiMartino, Yahoo Music

The Invisible Virtuoso, Guitar Legend Dick Wagner Bears His Soul in New Memoir   star star star star star

“The invisible virtuoso, guitar legend Dick Wagner bears his soul in new memoir. It is all well documented -- dark reflections, humorous anecdotes and insightful memories -- in Wagner's tightly presented memoir, Not Only Women Bleed.  Wagner's whirlwind rock and roll life, as depicted in his book, was a rollercoaster ride of dizzying proportions. None of it -- the women, the hijinks, the bizarre to the sublime -- is left out. The reader is invited backstage and on stage, riding on the tour buses, cavorting in the hotel rooms and sequestered inside the studios, while also crawling through an addict's shadow of desperation and amazingly find a guiding light. When asked to describe the guitar as if it were a seminal relationship in his life, much like he does with all of his friends and colleagues in the pages of Not Only Women Bleed, Wagner does not hesitate. "It's really like a lifelong marriage with a woman who is your soul mate, who is always there for you and you always carry her with you in your heart.... It's like a marriage. It's the two of you -- a way to hide, express yourself and go outward.” Wagner's story is that of survival, both personal and professional... Wagner's unique rock and roll journey is a touchstone in American music history, and it is about time it receives its due.  For him, it is the camaraderie, the inventive pursuits and his beloved instrument that has fueled him and the pages of his fine book all these years later.”

James Campion, Huffington Post

    star star star star star

“A First Rate Rock Read. Dick Wagner pulls no punches, leaves no skeletons in the closet, and as always, delivers the goods with his sensational new autobiography, Not Only Women Bleed. If you like true tales of rock and roll, this is the book for you... Instead of boring the reader with unnecessary segues, dull passages, and inconsequential drivel, Wagner keeps it lean and clean as he presents his life in a series of vignettes - a brilliant method that could serve as a template for rock autobiographies. I read this in one sitting, literally unable to set it down, or to stop being amazed, and as often as not laughing my ass off.” Rock Guitar Daily, Tony Conley

    star star star star star

I could count the number of "Go-To" guitar players in this country on half a hand. Dick Wagner is one of them.”

Jack Douglas, Producer (Aerosmith, John Lennon)

Legendary Musician Turned Author   star star star star star

Legendary musician turned author. Wagner takes the reader on a highly entertaining and compelling emotional roller-coaster ride that seemingly leaves no stone unturned. Unlike your typical rock & roll bio, 'Not Only Women Bleed' is presented as a carefully crafted, vignette style book, that is not only easy to read, but more importantly, almost impossible to put down. Wagner wears his heart on his sleeve and while some might find his candid and open approach a bit shocking at times, it only helps to bridge the connection with the reader, as he deftly slides back and forth between the incredible amounts of personal triumph and tragedy that he's experienced along the way.”

Ryan Sparks, Music Journalist, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


"Informed, informative, entertaining, and candid, Not Only Women Bleed is highly recommended for personal and community library collections in general, and a 'must read' to the legions of Dick Wagner fans with an interest in his life and times!"



"Anyone, absolutely anyone into rock and roll will find more than enough in both style and substance to enjoy Wagner's trip into rock's dark and electric corners. If you can only read two or three good memoirs this year, Not Only Women
Bleed should be on that list."

Dr. Wesley Britton, Bookpleasures.com


“An incredibly entertaining read… Wagner delivers the goods with his sensational new autobiography. Wagner presents his life in a series of vignettes -- a brilliant method that could serve as a template for rock autobiographies. I read this in one sitting, literally unable to set it down, and as often as not laughing my ass off. It's an incredible ride, and I hope you buy this book and take the trip for yourself. It's kind of like the original movie version of M.A.S.H. Lots of ups, lots of downs, lots of tears, but a helluva lot more laughs.”

Rock Guitar Daily


A literary tour de force, much like the man who wrote it. Dick Wagner has opened his soul and become an author, and a great one... He’s witty, insightful, honest, charming, and one of the funniest guys you could ‘meet.’ Definitely a ‘MUST READ.”



“Not Only Women Bleed, a title inspired by perhaps his most famous rock ballad, soars like one of Wagner’s most magnificent solos, and lays down a no-nonsense view from the bottom and the top.”

The Aquarian Weekly


"It's wicked, but I loved it."

Anonymous Church Lady, Chicago Illinois


"Many years ago I had the honor and pleasure of working with my old friend Dick Wagner. Dick, a rock legend and one of my own personal guitar heroes, has always been a man of few words - that is, up until now - and wait until you hear the stories that Dick has to tell. His memoir will be an essential piece of the new pantheon of rock history."

STEVE KATZ, Blood, Sweat and Tears

All That You Need To Be Free!   star star star star star

“All that you need to be free! Dick Wagner triumphantly brings us a high octane, balls to the wall, brilliantly arranged mosaic of interrelated true adventures... taking his readers into the most inner circles of hedonistically holy Rock & Roll--wild and wanton beyond imagination. Thank you, Dick, for creating your music through the years and now, even more importantly, sharing your magical mind with unparalleled purity. ENCORE, Maestro!”

Peter Cavanaugh "Local DJ"

A Literary Tour De Force, Much Like The Man Who Wrote It.   star star star star star

A literary tour de force, much like the man who wrote it. A great musician can elicit emotions from his listeners... A great author can do the same, make you smile, laugh out loud, even cry, and Dick Wagner has opened his soul and become an author, and a great one. This book will intrigue you, stimulate you, educate you, and delight you. ‘Not Only Women Bleed’ is not your usual amblyopic rock and roll book, shadow written by third parties... His storytelling is as unique and powerful as his songwriting and guitar playing... A fascinating and compelling trip that will draw you into the crazy world of a pro touring rock star, an amazing trip that encompasses so much of ‘being human.’ He tells of touring, women, drugs, songwriting solo and with partners, his amazing relationships, even his own death and his recovery from his addictions, finding love long thought lost and finding the inner strength to heal and return to the stage even after a devastating stroke that left his left arm...the most important one, for us guitar players...paralyzed. Whether profane or profound, his story is absolutely amazing. He’s witty, insightful, honest, charming, and one of the funniest guys you could ‘meet,’ with a rock and roll heart that I hope never stops beating again. To me, and many others, this man is an international treasure. Dick Wagner's "Not Only Women Bleed" is a literary tour de force, much like the man who wrote it. There is a reason he is called the ‘Maestro of Rock.”

Pink Jimi Photon

Amazing journey told with breathtaking candor and humor!   star star star star star
“Amazing journey told with breathtaking candor and humor! This is right up there with Keef's... amazing and what a great writing style and sense of humor! This book is one of those gems that draws you in regardless of your musical or generational allegiances. If you have ever regretted not pursuing your crazy dreams of youth and wondered, what if? Well, you have just arrived at your destination and get ready for one heck of a ride!” 

Brad Jeter

A glimpse inside the Maestro's world!   star star star star star

"A glimpse inside the Maestro's world! Hardly a day goes by that we don't mourn the loss of a musical genius. The ones who touch our lives so briefly, gone too soon, candles in the wind, lost to their own vices and devices. Cobain, Allman, Hendrix, the list continues as we ponder "What would be their musical impact if they had survived?". What songs would have been written, what guitar techniques invented, what lives would have been touched had they navigated through the haze to realize the true potential of their creativity? Well, the answer may be in these pages. Dick Wagner didn't just walk through the fire, he dwelled in it. Revelled in it, poured gasoline on it and snorted it. Yet somehow dodged the bullet and came through on the other side, probably less than a coke-spoon away from cardiac arrest on too many occasions to imagine, and left an incredible musical legacy which is still unfolding. Through the years he has left his fingerprint as a guitar hero, vocalist, bandleader, songwriter, mentor and producer. The careers of such diverse artists as Alice Cooper, Meatloaf, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, Tim Curry and Air Supply have been forever altered by the musical contribution of "The Maestro" and pay homage to his talents, at times when the general public did not exactly recognize Wagner as a household word. So at age 68 Mr. Wagner prepares for a tour this summer, produces a rock band in Italy and cowrites with his long time collaborator Alice Cooper. No rest for the legend, The Maestro has work to do." 

Nashville Fretworks

    star star star star star
“Dick Wagner.... One of the good ones.  He takes no prisoners. When Dick plays a solo... It stays played.  I am honoured to call him a friend for many years... Someday we will do 'our' song... 'If only'. Love you, Dick” 

Suzi Quatro, Rocker

Dick Wagner Is One Of The Icons Of Rock   star star star star star

“Dick Wagner is one of the icons of rock. I've known Dick since we worked with Michael Kamen on Tim Curry's records in the late 1970's.  Dick's guitar playing career is synonymous with the history of rock and roll, he IS rock!"

Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering, Co-chairman, Producers and Engineers Wing of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

Couldn't Put It Down!   star star star star star

Couldn't Put It Down! "I picked this up at a Traverse City, MI book signing over the weekend... It was a thrill to meet Dick Wagner, who was so kind and interesting to talk to. I cracked the book open early Sunday afternoon, and didn't put it down until I'd turned the last page Sunday evening. It was the story of drugs, sex and rock and roll....a world that in my sheltered little life I was never exposed to. But Dick writes in a way that reveals more... An underlying kindness and gentle nature shows in between the lines, and you can't help but like this guy. And his music...He's super talented, and has written a wonderful book that I highly recommend."

Jean 2012


“Dick Wagner’s biography is one of the most entertaining rock biographies I’ve read… The book is chock full of fascinating stories… The quotes on the book jacket play up the “sex, drugs and rock and roll” ethos, but in my opinion the very best parts of the book are the most personal, psychological and emotional ones. That’s not to say that the book isn’t full of almost-as-memorable stories that are frivolous and hilarious. For those who are interested in some of the minutia of Wagner’s career: what did he actually write, on what songs by Aerosmith and Kiss did he actually play, etc., it’s all detailed, and in most cases with funny or bizarre stories to accompany the information. Wagner’s story comes full circle with his successful return to the stage after serious health problems that led to surgery and at least one near-death experience. There’s a wonderful optimism throughout the book… a perspective here that I find refreshing, but at the same time it doesn’t keep the book from delivering the goods for people who want to read the gossip, and experience the wildness and the hilarity of a rock and roll life.”

Flashback Magazine

    star star star star star

“Like his guitar playing, Wagner’s book is hard-driving, freewheeling, and relentlessly honest.  The chapters come in staccato beats, lasting only a few pages.  Wagner whisks the reader into a situation, hits the points sharp and fast, and then moves on to the next story.  It’s a roller coaster ride offering twists and turns on several different levels. Wagner seems to have a knack for finding himself in the middle of many key rock moments.  It’s a kick to be a fly on the wall as he retells these notable encounters. Balancing out the remembrances is a touching, personal story that gives Not Only Women Bleed its heart and soul.”

Chris Koseluk, Music Journalist

A Great Read. "Backstage Access" for the music lover!   star star star star star

“A great read. "Backstage Access" for the music lover! This guy helped invent hard rock and was in fact a "rock star" before the title was invented. Wagner started out rehearsing in basements, playing high school auditoriums, roller rinks and tough Michigan saloons. The great road stories about drugs, hot chicks, the travel, the bad meals, the dirty deals and the hard living are all dealt with honestly in Wagner's conversational narrative style. The book made this sixty-something baby-boomer feel young again. Dick Wagner has done it all in rock n' roll and it's all here for the reading. Caution: Do NOT start reading this book near bed time! 

Traverse City Jim "TC Jim"

Spellbinding!!   star star star star star

“Spellbinding!! What an adventure. I read it the first time, skimmed back through parts then began reading it again... Mr. Wagner presents his life to us with no holds barred. His remarkable sense of humor is evident throughout even the worst of times other than the personal tragedies. Mr. Wagner lays his soul bare and is brutally honest. Creative genius! Don’t miss this entertaining, spellbinding book.”

Jackie Shepard

    star star star star star

I remember hanging out writing songs, getting drunk, and talking. One of the best guitar players ever........and one of the greatest people ever. Dick he truly is a devoted musician. Never stopped playing.  Even after a heart attack he is better now than ever. I remember calling Dick on the phone asking him, how'd the guitar parts in only woman bleed went, because I wanted to be exact in my version of the song. I just love Dick's guitar playing on the Alice Cooper songs the best, my favorite. I loved it so much I had to do a remake.  Mr. Wagner himself.  You more than rock. You always will in my book......no pun intended”

Lita Ford

An Amazing Read Start To Finish   star star star star star

“An amazing read start to finish. I thought I knew everything about Maestro's musical career, and then I read the book. There is a ton of information, stories and pictures in Not Only Woman Bleed that I had never seen, read or heard before. Dick takes the reader on a wild ride from his playing high school dances to becoming one of the most respected American guitarist/composers of our day and performing on sold out world tours. An amazing read start to finish no matter what style of music you listen to. Perfect gift for any musician on your shopping list!” By Bleedstreet


This Should Come As No Surprise.   star star star star star

“This should come as no surprise. EXCELLENT book! A must for your library! He is a musical genius and one of the world's greatest guitarists. You may want to relive it again and again. I'm on my third time. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to play music, anyone who plays music and anyone who enjoys music. And, if you don't like music, how about a great story about a guy with a great heart...though slightly damaged, still a heart filled with vignettes, proving that...NOT ONLY WOMEN BLEED, and also the world of rock and roll is a world filled with highs, lows and one-of-a-kinds like Dick Wagner.”

Jimmy S Leach "Jimmy Hollywood"

That Poetry Muse   star star star star star

"That poetry muse. There are few people who truly have what I call “poetry in their souls” (that poetic muse than can poignantly portray our most important human experiences and give us goose bumps). Dick Wagner has that poetry. I have used his songs with millions of people who were abused in childhood. P.B.S. estimates that one hundred and sixty million people have experienced his songs, Remember the Child and the Goodbye Mother Song which were used in my two ten part series Homecoming and Creating Love. Richard’s music touches people in a way that literally transform their lives. Not Only Women Bleed is another soul touching work that will change your life.”  

Dr. John Bradshaw, Author

Spellbinding.   star star star star star

What an adventure. I read it the first time, skimmed back through parts then began reading
it again. From the dreams of a young boy to make his mark in the music world to the man that has ‘been through it all’ Mr. Wagner presents his life to us with no holds barred. His remarkable sense of humor is evident throughout even the worst of times other than the personal tragedies. From the dreams of youth to the successes of a man, Mr. Wagner lays his soul bare and is brutally honest. A creative genius, don't miss this entertaining, spellbinding book.”

Jackie Shepard

"Rock Forever Dick" You Conquered Another Media-Great Reading!   star star star star star

"Rock forever Dick" You conquered another media - Great Reading! Dicks nails it with this easy to read, shoot from the hip book. He shares his intimate experiences of living the Rock n Roll dream most never get close to or ever have the balls to talk about or even survive. You will fly through the book and when you do put it down, find yourself anxious to read a bit more. I found it to have a very honest feel to it. You will experience an insider's view of what may not always be a glamorous business. The vignette style of this book works well. It was easy reading on my iPad and the stage was set with Dick's music playing in my headset. Dick is known for being the Maestro, a legend with the Axe but after reading his book it is evident that he was an accomplished Swordsman as well, Touché Dick!”

Joe Stallone

Great read.   star star star star star

Engrossing. I found myself nearly obsessed by his stories of life on the road. Hearing some of
the back stories of the songs makes listening to them a brand new experience all over again. Kudos!”

The Mighty Quinn

There is a charm in his brutal honesty.   star star star star star

It is no easy feat to try and remember your past and then try to write it down in an informative and entertaining way, but Mr Wagner manages to do so! By keeping the chapters short, sweet and succinct, Mr. Wagner allows the reader to feel they are participating in a one to one conversation. The anecdotes are plentiful and there is a charm in his brutal honesty. From his childhood to a substance abuse driven,
pleasure seeking lifestyle, what is apparent is Dick Wagner never neglected or compromised his skills as a guitar player; his overriding concern was always to be at the top of his game, despite the rock and roll life style he led. The heart attacks have not stopped him writing, nurturing new talent and being a genuine icon of the music business. In short, read the book and enjoy.”


Beyond the ego to a whole lotta soul   star star star star star

“Beyond the ego to a whole lotta soul. What makes folks like us like him is that he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously and is more than willing to note when the joke is on him. Or talk about when the beautiful turns ugly or the fantastical turns tough. This is a guy who's seen plenty of mountain tops and more than a few valleys. In this book, he tells the stories of both - and all the roller coasters in between. He acknowledges that it's us in the rank and file - the ones who bought the albums, showed up at the shows, told others near and far of his talent - well, he suggests that we are part of the rock and roll equation, as well. You'll laugh, you'll cry - you'll recognize the human condition, albeit at a highly evolved level. You'll probably put on some of his songs - and then start reading all over again. Go buy it now!”


The Elder Statesman of Michigan Rock & Roll   star star star star star

“The elder statesman of Michigan rock & roll. I've just finished reading Dick Wagner's new book, "Not Only Women Bleed." I couldn't put it down, I was riveted! I was fortunate enough to be able to sneak out of the folk's place to go see "The Bossmen"; they were a huge influence on me when I was a budding guitarist during my early teens; they were great! And with all the beautiful arrangements, gritty guitar solos, and all those soaring four-part harmonies they helped define the sound of Detroit rock and roll. He was always the elder statesman to all of us rising guitarists in Michigan. And his new book "Not Only Women Bleed" has finally filled in all the missing pieces, thanks Dick, you were always an inspiration. What a great, eye-opening story of a Michigan boy who makes good; here's to you and to a great and long-awaited book; I couldn't get enough of it!

Dennis Pinkston

A Great Read!   star star star star star

 “A great read! I can't tell you how interesting it is to read about some of the great musicians of our time who helped change the music industry and an entire generation. So good to learn about the real Roy Orbison, Glen Campbell, B.B. King and many others. What they were REALLY like. Dick has held back no punches and this book is an honest look at his life and the amazing musicians he came in contact with over the years. Just buy it. At ten bucks it's a steal for the enjoyment you will get out of it!”

Kenny Rose Live

The Maestro of Rock Tells All   star star star star star

I've just finished reading NOT ONLY WOMEN BLEED. It's brilliant. A page turner. It made me laugh and cry and gasp with admiration. You must've worked or played with just about every musician of consequence. And talk about honesty. I'm not sure I'd be able to bare my soul with such candour. I love your writing style. The vignettes are so easy to read. Congrats to you, Dick. You know what? I'd love to sit down with you and just go through the book page by page and ask you a million questions. Maybe one day. Rock on, my friend.”

Shani Grewal, Director

The Legend   star star star star star

“The legend. Dick Wagner is a music legend. Since he played on so many albums uncredited, you may be a fan of his work without being aware of it. He is responsible for what is considered the greatest live album of all time, Lou Reed's "Rock N Roll Animal" which brought a number of Lou Reed's Velvet Underground songs into a whole new dimension. The book is a must read for any fan of music. Dick Wagner has collaborated with some of the best in the music business and the stories are here. Highly recommended!!"

R. Kenney

Any Fan Of Classic Rock & Roll Will Love This Book   star star star star star

"Any fan of classic rock & roll will love this book. When it comes down to the topic of creation, not in the book of Genesis, but in terms of the creation of Classic Rock 'n Roll of an epic proportion, there is no finer exponent than Saginaw's legendary Dick Wagner.  This book is a must read for anyone who has followed Dick Wagner's career. The book is as entertaining as it is revealing. . It is courageous. Some may wince at the graphic detail of Wagner's Dionysian fall from grace but will also applaud his honesty and willingness to take ownership of his wrongdoing and to seek forgiveness. It's a good read, accessible, hilarious and graphic. Any fan of classic rock & roll will love this book.”

Bo White, Review Magazine

A Glimpse Into The Life And Mind Of A True Rock & Roll Genius   star star star star star

"A glimpse into the life and mind of a true rock & roll genius. It took all of three and a half hours to ingest this entire tome from cover to cover-not because it's a "simple read", but because I couldn't put the damn thing down. Dick has been a hero of mine since I saw The Frost at Detroit's venerable Grande Ballroom as a 15 year old kid. Frost was the first band I saw at the Grande, and I stood in front of the stage and watched Wagner and company knock hell out of "Mystery Man/Take My Hand" in near shock. I recall thinking "My God, I might as well just quit now-I'll NEVER be able to sing and play like that." Well, the good news (for me, anyway) is that I didn't quit-I took Wagner's inspiration and ran with it. While I didn't run as fast and as far as he did, it was the impetus for a 40-plus year career in music as a guitar player and singer. I recommend this tale of a life spent making unbelievable music as highly as I can muster words to say. It is a tale of ‘sex, drugs, and rock & roll’ indeed, but it also gives a wonderful insight into the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of a very intelligent and spiritual man, and also serves as a testimony to his grit, work ethic, and will to live-and perform. Well done, my good friend...well done indeed.”

Dennis Burr, Guitar Player, Musician

This Book Illustrates The Life Of A Great Musician And The Trials And Tribulations   star star star star star

"This book illustrates the life of a great musician and the trials and tribulations. I first met Dick in Toronto, Canada in May of 1977, and my life has not been the same since. I noticed that although the songs rocked hard they had a very melodic theme running throughout. Towards the end of the sessions Dick took me aside and asked me if I’d like to come down to the States to play with Alice Cooper. That changed my life entirely! Dick was musical director of the band, and he impressed me with his musicianship. He is a fine guitar player and a rocker in the true sense of the word. As long as Dick is around, rock music will have a melodic voice. This book illustrates the life of a great musician and the trials and tribulations that come with that territory. Thanks for kickstarting my career Dick, and many more years of rockin’ out to you. 

Fred Mandel (Alice Cooper, Elton John, Queen)

So Useful For An Aspiring Rock Star Wannabe Guy Like...Me And Many Others!   star star star star star

“So useful for an aspiring rock star wannabe guy like...me and many others. True stories of love, hate, distress, excitement, sex, drugs, fights, tragedies, redemption and basically getting to be Number One...with or without a guitar in your hands...way to go, Maestro!!”

Mickey Evil, The Mugshots, Brescia Italy

    star star star star star

“Dick Wagner is my lover. He has touched me in places I didn’t even know I had. I’m only going public with this because I know I’m not the only one who has been seduced by his words and swayed by the way his fingers trail his fret board. He’s been there with me through the good times, the bad times and all the times in between. Dick Wagner – my El Guitarrista… My heart/soul connect…The only guy I know who died twice and lived to tell about it! I love you!”

Vicki Blue (Rocker, The Runaways)


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